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Frequently Asked Questions
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Q1. When I purchase the property, how is my investment secured?

A1. The title of each parcel of property is currently registered at the Costa Rican National Registry. At the time payment is made, the tittle will be transferred to what or whomever the buyer designates. The property is owned 100% by the buyer.

Q2. How long is it anticipated that it will take until all the property is sold?

A2. We project that it will be completely sold out in three years or less. Optimisticly or realisticly, only time will tell. Our projections are based on recent enquiries.

Q3. How do I, as a buyer, know how much the land is worth?

A3. Comparable’s in the area reflect “raw land”, that being without survey, water, power, direct public road access, high- speed internet/fiber optics, etc., is now selling for a minimum of $15.00/m2. Again, this is for raw land. We also have had official appraisers provide us with confirmation of raw land vs value of the land we are selling. The official appraisal was presented to us in February, 2022. Copy available upon request.

Q4. How is the property zoned?

A4. The property is zoned, 'Residential / Agricultural'.

Q5. Who do you anticipate will be your typical lot(s) buyer?

A5. As the project’s name suggests, we are addressing the market that requires land and amenities for both horse and family. We have found a great need for a well-planned horse-orientated community. In reality, the buyer/investor may be any group/family or individual who can appreciate the property and is interested in their own gardening, edible landscaping, raising a family or having their family come to visit them. We anticipate that some people may even want to raise livestock on their property. For those considering a move to Costa Rica, any buyer investing a minimum of $150,000 meets the financial requirements for the buyer and immediate family for 'Resident Investor' Status.

Q6. I would like additional information on acquiring Residency in Costa Rica.

A6. Contact us for detailed information on the steps involved.

Q7. Any restrictions regarding sizes of buildings?

A7. Permits and approval of plans have to be obtained from the Municipal planning department. Standard applications & standard restrictions apply. Restrictions such as the number of square meters that can be covered by any buildings. In Costa Rica, they adhere pretty well to international norms.

Q8. Is water available on the property? 

A8. In addition to the municipal water system (AYA) which we have already installed, there is an abundance of water throughout the property. Already a number of wells are in existence. In fact, we consider water and the fact that it is so readily available in such large quantities to be one more very positive bonus.

Q9. Is the power system installed below ground or above ground?

A9. Above ground and located literally following the internal road, providing easy access to each property. All power within the lot lines is/will be underground.

Q10. Is the internal road paved?

A10. No. Grupo Pedregal, the #1 professional road building company in Costa Rica, who created the road network for us, covered the road with an approved product called, 'Hot Liquid Seal', creating a long-lasting, durable covering that meets all building codes and offers all the benefits of cement or asphalt. For aesthetic purposes, we are currently obtaining prices to have cement pavers laid on all traffic areas outside of the parcel boundaries. These pavers will be either purchased or we will arrange to have them manufactured on site by our own construction team.

Q11. What happens when I/we purchase the property or parcel of our choice?

A11. There are several options open to you as a buyer. You may purchase the parcel of your choice and then arrange to have an engineer design the home for you. Or you may simply view one of the homes that are being planned at the moment and pick one for immediate purchase. We have both approved engineers and construction companies available to present their qualifications to you.
As the parcels have been surveyed and registered in the National Registry, it is a very simple and quick transfer of the title to you or to whomever you wish to have as the registered owner.

Q12. Will there be a monthly community fee?

A12. Yes. The objective is to have funds available to pay for such items as garbage removal, public liability insurance, employee insurance, etc.